Management Due Diligence Questionnaire


This questionnaire relates to the Company undertaking a placement of ordinary shares to institutional and other wholesale investors, with final pricing and timing to be agreed between the Company and the Joint Lead Managers (Capital Raising).

This document and the responses to it are for the internal risk assessment and internal due diligence purposes of the Joint Lead Managers and should not be provided to any investor or potential investor in whole or in part. This questionnaire is to be completed in order to ensure that, at the time of the proposed Capital Raising, the market is fully informed about the financial position and prospects of the company either pursuant to continuous disclosure provisions of the Corporations Act (including the cleansing statements under section 708A and s708AA) or the Capital Raising materials lodged with the ASX.

By completing this questionnaire and returning it to the Joint Lead Managers, you acknowledge that the Joint Lead Managers will be relying on the answers provided to these questions as being complete, true and correct and not misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive (whether by omission or otherwise), to the best of your knowledge, information and belief, after due and proper enquiry.

If after completing and returning this questionnaire and prior to the issuance of new securities under the proposed Capital Raising you become aware that any of your answers are incorrect or misleading, or any new material information comes to light which you consider may reasonably be expected to influence the decision of an investor whether or not to accept any proposed shares to be issued under the Capital Raising, you should immediately notify the Joint Lead Managers of such changes or new information.

The terms referred to in this document are defined in the mandate that has been or will be circulated between the Joint Lead Managers and the company, to be executed by the parties. 


Capital requirements and capital structure 


Question 1 - Capital requirements and capital structure
Question 2 - Capital requirements and capital structure
Question 3 - Capital requirements and capital structure
Question 4 - Capital requirements and capital structure
Question 1 - Acquisitions and disposals
Question 2 - Acquisitions and disposals
Question 3 - Acquisitions and disposals
Question 1 - Strategic / Operations
Question 2 - Strategic / Operations
Question 3 - Strategic / Operations
Question 1 - Reserves & Resources
Question 2 - Reserves & Resources
Question 3 - Reserves & Resources
Question 4 - Reserves & Resources
Question 5 - Reserves & Resources
Question 6 - Reserves & Resources
Question 1 - Safety
Question 2 - Safety
Question 3 - Safety
Question 1 - Environment
Question 2 - Environment
Question 3 - Environment
Question 1 - Board/employees
Question 2 - Board/employees
Question 3 - Board/employees
Question 4 - Board/employees
Question 5 - Board/employees
Question 6 - Board/employees
Question 7 - Board/employees
Question 8 - Board/employees
Question 1 - Financial
Question 2 - Financial
Question 3 - Financial
Question 4 - Financial
Question 5 - Financial
Question 6 - Financial
Question 1 - Tax/Accounting
Question 2 - Tax/Accounting
Question 3 - Tax/Accounting
Question 4 - Tax/Accounting
Question 5 - Tax/Accounting
Question 6 - Tax/Accounting
Question 7 - Tax/Accounting
Question 8 - Tax/Accounting
Question 1 - Legal