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How to add staff

To add new staff to the site first you need to ‘Create staff bio page’ then add that team member/advisor to team main page.

How to Create Staff Bio Page;
1. Click on Pages > Add New (Click here for screenshot)
2. Add Advisor/Staff Name
3. Add Details
4. Select ‘Team’ as ‘Parent’ page
5. Click On Update button

How to add Advisor/Staff to main Team (summary) page;
1. Click on Pages
2. Click on Edit link of ‘Team’ page (Click here for screenshot)
3. Scroll down the page
4. Click on empty box and click on ‘Pencil icon’ to edit it (Click here for screenshot)
5. Add summary of staff on popup screen (Click here for screenshot)
6. Click on ‘Save’ Button and click on update button to publish it.